Remembering Your Baby
A baby lost to heaven never leaves your heart.

For most parents in the world, the time of pregnancy is filled with immeasurable joy. Sure, there are things we must endure - mornings (or days) of sickness, insatiable cravings, incredible weight gain, and unexplainable mood swings. However, the things we endure can not begin to compete with the joy of anxious anticipation. There are showers to attend, gifts to register for, baby superstores to explore, and the waiting...

But sometimes waiting for the anticipated bundle of joy turns into an unanticipated battle of depression and sadness. Some parents find out only a few weeks into knowing about the pregnancy that their baby has not survived. Some mothers are given the sad job of carrying babies in their wombs that have no chance of survival once they are born. Others receive the sad news that their baby has died just before the baby is born. For these parents, enduring takes on a different meaning.

The loss of any child, regardless of age, is overwhelming. Losing a baby before life had a chance to completely begin is devastating. There are no memories of a full life, only shattered dreams of what could have been, what should have been.

At Remembering Your Baby, we understand how difficult it is to leave the hospital with empty arms, arms that ache to hold the baby that was lost. It is our goal to help ease the pain and heartache of empty arms by providing families experiencing pregnancy loss with something to hold as they leave the hospital without their precious babies.  

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